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There are two poor beggars,one of is tall ,one of is short,They are both older teens, but so far have not married yet.One day,they heard there is a forest far away,there lived a elf.He built an empire where there are many dangerous plants and animals,but it is said that if someone could arrive his empire can get millions of wealth.So the two beggars begin their adventure,they need to find the legendary place for wealth,and then they can marry beautiful woman to be their wife.In the adventure, they need help each other to get through various obstacles and challenges.

Instructions:Use w,a,s,d to move tall beggar,space key to carry stone;Use arrow keys to move short beggar.When tall beggar crouch,short beggar can stand on tall's head.Jump to enemy's head to kill it.Arrive the Cave entrance and collect all coin to get through the level.

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Beggars Marry Wives
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