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Magic Kingdom is home to two special abilities Addict wizard, although their ability to allelopathy, but can also make up for the lack of capacity each other, one day, they heard a mysterious force ruby in a mysterious forest, a total of 200teeth, as long as people have collected 200 ruby will be the realization of a desire, so they decided to cooperate together to find those mysterious gem. Will be on the road, they encountered many difficulties, make haste to help them overcome their difficulties.
In the game, the Fire Wizard WAD to control movement, W jump, A to move left, D key to move to the right, the fire wizard will go out on the ground the flames, after the departure of the flame kindled. Ice Wizard Use the arrow keys ↑ ← → control movement, ↑ jump move to the left, ← → move to the right, the ice wizard the water froze, after leaving the water restitution.
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fire and ice elves
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